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Prague, Czech Republic (1)

Destination #15: Prague, Czech Republic.

Year of visit: June 2008

My first photoblog entry of 2010 brings you to the colourful and exciting capital of Central Europe, Prague! We spent almost a week in this city alone, much longer than other visitors would stay but thankfully everything turned out awesome and we had such a great time in this beautiful city that it brings back many sweet memories.

On our first couple of days of our visit, we marched straight into the heart of the city, the Old Town (Staré Město) of Prague where all the fancy restaurants and historical buildings are. We were lucky to be upgraded to a 4 star hotel a few tram stops away from the site of the Velvet Revolution, Wenceslas Square.

Our first encounter when walking into the old town was this interesting "Brick Project" whereby passersby can buy a brick for CZK 100 and paint whatever they likes on the brick and the proceeds will then go to aiding people with mental impairment. What a noble idea innit?

Spot Malaysia! :D

Some generous Malaysians must have been there just before us.

The most memorable encounter of all has to be the premiere of the Chronicles Narnia of Narnia: Prince Caspian in Prague! Hey I've seen Narnia in the cinema but it has never crossed my mind that I will ever meet the actors and actresses.

Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) and the Pevensie siblings from Narnia.

The old town square of Prague was bustling with activities and very touristy at the same time. There was a Euro 2008 event going on right in the middle of the square, horse rides for tourists, giant German/Czech sausages for sale, cheap beer, fancy restaurants and thousands of tourists admiring the ancient Astronomical clock and the 14th century Gothic cathedral, Church of Our Lady before Týn which dominates the Prague skyline.

The famed Astronomical Clock.

I'm impressed with the intricate details of this ancient clock and it is worth waiting for the animated figures to appear each hour.

Just outside the old town centre is sits the National Museum and Wenceslas Square.

It will not be of any significance to those who have not heard of the Velvet Revolution but hear me out first you shoppers and those looking for some fun. This strip of boulevard is part of the shopping district of Prague and is home to a 7-storey Bata shoe shop, biggest I have ever seen! It is also home to many grand old hotels, strip clubs and fast food joints.

Back to the vicinity of the old town centre are some vintage cars for rent.

I meant for sightseeing, I don't think they'll let you go behind the wheel.

We heard that Prague will soon have its first Hard Rock Cafe but we didn't know it was opened for business for the first time ever in Prague when we ventured into this place. Had a word with the friendly American chap brought Hard Rock Cafe to Prague and I bought a shot glass with the classic "Hard Rock Cafe, Prague" on it only to lose it on the London Tube later on but it was eventually recovered.

Hard Rock Cafe, Prague.

We were there on the first day of its opening and probably the first 20 customers?!

This is the great Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn of ~1400 A.D.

This is the interior of an Orthodox Church next to the Old Town Square.

A synagogue at the Jewish Quarters.

You will see more of the Jewish Quarters in the subsequent post.

The girls - still so jovial and carefree in their university days :D

North-South-East-West - places of attractions in Prague.

Yeo Seak Yeong, who will do all things possible to capture a good shot.

One of the many bizarre museums in Prague - the sex machines' museum

Timeless beauty - this photo could easily pass of as one taken in 1950!

Fancy restaurant? There is more than meets the eye.

Coming up next, another one of those bizarre museums.

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments.

Our mode of transport in Prague, the good old school tram. Love em'.

The girls at the fountain in front of the National Museum.

That was the closest we got to the museum.

We would rather pose for hundreds of photos like this.....

Stuff ourselves crazy with Czech sausages.....

Wait forever for tram 18 to come........

Go on a tour of the 7-storey Bata store.....

.........than visit the museum!

Russian dolls from Czech Republic -_-

Absinthe - it is banned in many countries but not in Prague :)

Cannabis Vodka

Photos are worth a thousand words.

Enjoy the rest of our snap shots of the Old Town (Staré Město) of Prague.


Tram 18 - the nostalgic tram


ToiToi means toilet in Czech. Such a cute sounding word for toilet.


Strawberry fondue - Irresistable


A synagogue in the Jewish Quarters



They both love Prague.

One loves Prague so much she must also take a snapshot of the walkway in Prague.

The other one loves Prague so much she couldn't resist giving the lampost in Prague a kiss.



Yeo reading the map opposite.


Lost in Prague.


Stay tuned for more snapshots of this cultural capital of Central Europe in the Prague series.

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