Monday, December 08, 2008

Summer Island, Maldives

Destination #2 - Summer Island Resort, North Male Atoll, Maldives

Year of Visit: 2006
After we have recovered from all the traveling from Malaysia to Maldives and completion of island hoping tours between Maldives and the other residential islands we now set out to the first ever Maldivian resort of our trip!

The blue sky and white sandy beach at Vilingili Island before our departure to Summer Island Resort. An American expatriate family was having a good time at the beach.

We depart from the pier in Malé early in the morning for Summer Island which took us about 2 hours in the choppy waters due to a storm. We were in Maldives during the monsoon season so occasional thunderstorms were inevitable.

Downtown Malé where all the commercial and government buildings are located.

When we first set out from Malé, the weather was absolutely fine, with some sunshine.

As we traveled our further into the sea, the boat swerved so hard to the right and to the left like it was doing a drift at sea. Then came the rain and thunder AND THE FLOOD! Yes! The heavy rain poured into the partially covered upper deck like a flowing stream and everyone had to rush down to the lower deck for shelter.

Approaching the paradise as the blue lagoon becomes more visible.

The 2 hours journey felt like forever in the stormy seas.

I thought i was going to die in the heaven on earth.

Crabs moving about Summer Island. They are a common sight in the islands of Maldives just like stray dogs and cats in Malaysia and nobody eats them. The Maldivians don't eat crabs.

The strong winds and the turquoise blue lagoon at Summer Island blew me away!

The reception and guest lounge at Summer Island Resort was filled with white sand. They serve us cocktails and gave us wet towels to clean up upon arrival at the resort.

We spent 2 nights at this 3-star resort, courtesy of my host.

A night's stay at this 3-star resort can cost up to U$ 200.

We spent most of our time eating, chatting, playing ping-pong, foosball and relaxing at this resort because the weather was so bad in that few days that we could not venture out to the sea as often as we want to. We did attempt snorkeling but we almost got swept away by the strong currents.

I should have gone for the traditional massage in that symbolic wooden hut!

Can somebody explain to me what my traveling partner, Yeo was doing?

Later it rained so heavily and the wind was so strong that it gave us a very painful 'massage' at our backs. I have never experienced that sort of hard hitting rain ever in our very own tropical country.

The crystal clear water at Summer Island where you can easily spot a fish or stingray underneath.

This bird is called the 'maakanaa' in the native Dhivehi language. I think it was looking out for fishes. Btw, be warned that your slippers might go missing if you leave it on the beach. Well, i lost mine in just 15 minutes. I don't know if the hotel staff stole it, the wave took it or the bird ate it.

See the white line further out in the sea? That's when the waves hit the reef resulting in a thunderous noise as if a tsunami was approaching. It scared the s*** out of me!

All in all, a pretty relaxing resort dominated by German tourists who weren't very friendly except for this German-speaking Sri Lankan guy who came up to us to tell us how much he admires Dr. Mahathir after he found out we are Malaysians.

Man, our former PM is famous! Even the Kebab guys in Rome and Wales spoke about him!

Stay tuned for review of the next Maldivian resort!


QuaChee on 9 December 2008 at 08:53 said...

the place looks nice. apparently maldives is becoming a preferred holiday destination for lots of msians :) ive yet to go there. maybe i should someday soon - seeing that it is so beautiful :)

jlshyang on 9 December 2008 at 15:31 said...

QuaChee - I'm glad to hear that! In fact when i was there, nobody would have guessed it that we're Malaysians. Tourists from Asia were very rare except for the Japanese and Chinese and then maybe Singaporeans.

I think it's because our region is also blessed with many beautiful tropical islands. Furthermore, the resorts cost a bomb and the exchange rate factor as well.

- PC - on 9 December 2008 at 20:55 said...

wah.. u wen maldives liao!!
i oso wana go!!
saving money to go travel now!!
anyway jes bek from hk..
no time post pictures yet..
will do it soon..

drop by my blog sometimes ok??
hope 2 meet up wid u guys soon..
take care..


jlshyang on 10 December 2008 at 14:08 said...


Good for you. At least you are working already. I still don't have a proper earning thus it's difficult to save up for my next trip for now.

How was HK? Hope to see your pictures soon. Yea, it's high time we meet up again :)

Take care.


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